Butler Group Communications Communications Test and Measurement VIAVI Fibre Cleaning Consumables

VIAVI Fibre Cleaning Consumables

The following fibre cleaning tools are available from the Butler Group:

  • Alcohol wipes
  • Canned dry air
  • Connector/Adaptor Cleaning Kits
  • Connector Cleaning Wire
  • Engineers' wipes
  • Iso Propyl Alcohol cleaning fluid
  • Link Free Wipes
  • Reel Cleaners
  • Ferrule Mate-cleaning ferrules in adaptors and patchcords
  • "Optipop" Reel Cleaners
  • "Cletop" Reel Cleaners
  • MTP/MPO Reel Cleaners
  • Solvent Dispensers
  • Swabs for 1.25mm x 2.5mm adaptors

For a full list of fibre cleaning tools contact the Butler Group on + 353 1 6292620.

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Sales +353 1 629 2620

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