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Interra Systems Vega Media Analyser

  • Vega Media Analysers are uniquely suited to the needs of next generation media products that support high-quality HD content and technologies, such as Blu-ray, Dolby Digital Plus Audio, and DVB-H.
  • Vega is the first analyser to support Blu-ray compliance checking.
  • In addition vega analysers extend support to QuickTime and AVI file formats, Teletext, Closed Caption, DVB Subtitles, and MPEG2 TS timing analysis.
  • Vega Analysers have established themselves as the de facto standards compliance tool for a large variety of media standards.
  • Interra's Vega family of Analysers assist media professionals analyse and debug encoded video and audio problems in media products.
  • Vega Analysers already support a wide range of audio and video technologies, such as H.264, VC1, MPEG2 Transport, MPEG4, MPEG2 Video, MP4, Dolby Digital (AC3) and AAC Audio.

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