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Kablekom Automatic Leakage Measurement Software

The tool is aimed at mobile patrols of leakage and consists of

  • PC with StealthExplorer software,
  • Leakage meter (ACTERNA CLI-1450/1750),
  • GPS receiver,
  • Frequency tagger placed at a headend (ACTERNA LT1000),
  • Calibrated vehicle antenna.

The PC records the leak magnitude (send by the meter via RS-232 port or Bluetooth interface) together with the current geographical position calculated by the GPS receiver.

  • ALMS can be operated by one technician.
  • ALMS has the following advantages:
  • ALMS with StealthExplorer is a very versatile and flexible tool,
  • ALMS supports leakage measurement,
  • ALMS saves time, labor & money,
  • ALMS is a cheap solution,
  • StealthExplorer supports all ACTERNA meters,
  • StealthExplorer allows easy visualisation of results.
  • You can order the ALMS toolkit tailored to your needs. The kit can contain:
  • CD with StealthExplorer and software keys for the user’s meters (included),
  • Data cables for ACTERNA meters (included),
  • GPS receiver (included).

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