Butler Group Communications Communications Test and Measurement Enensys DVB-T/H Lab Modulator

Enensys DVB-T/H Lab Modulator

  • LabMod-DVB-T/H modulator provides a cost effective and complete solution for Digital TV network setup in a lab or manufacturing environment, cumulating rich inputs / outputs interfacing offer, as well as test modes and channel simulator.
  • LabMod-DVB-T/H is fully DVB-T/H standard compliant, and offers several kinds of inputs (ASI and USB) allowing to play any external or internal stream (internal stream player and stream generator).
  • It generates high quality RF and IF signals that will fit any test situation that may occur in a lab, research and development, or manufacturing site.
  • Finally, optional Channel Simulator allows to reproduce any multipath configuration wished.
  • Easy remote management thanks to an embedded HTTP web server, LabMod-DVB-T/H modulator has a high set of features for RF and IF corner testing such as white noise generator, carriers cancellation, interleaver bypass, very large output level range, etc.


  • DVB-T/H RF and IF transmissions
  • Field test operations
  • R&D or factory tests and measurements
  • Demonstrations and roadshows
  • High grade IF and RF output quality
  • Internal stream player and stream generator
  • Optional Channel Simulator (up to 6 independent echos)
  • Special test modes for corner testing
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Outstanding MER, phase noise and stability
  • FPGA based HW for robustness and reliablity
  • Full SNMPv2 : get + set + traps
  • Standalone unit, instant installation

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