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Enensys Test and Monitoring

Network Monitoring Probes

  • CastXplorers are full-SNMP monitoring devices returning and logging real-time RF measures and key MPEG2-TS parameters.
  • Including a web based remote control, these probes are intended to be placed at critical locations in the network like head-ends, urban dense areas or the edge of shadow areas.
  • With a minimum footprint and being fully-FPGA based, they offer high resistance to temperatures and are the ideal monitoring tool for installation in high-constraint environments like outdoor cabinets or base stations.
  • The product periodically logs all RF measurements and ETR290 counters.
  • It is also capable of sending traps based on threshold values for all key parameters.
  • Combined with a centralized network monitoring system, CastXplorer turns into a real-time diagnosis system for your cable or terrestrial network

Diagnosis overview

  • Real time logging of key RF an MPEG2-TS paramters
  • Traps based on threshold values
  • Fully remote configurable (web based)
  • Easy integration with Network Monitoring Systems through SNMP
  • Hight constraint environment
  • Compact footprint
  • High resistance to temperatures
  • Ideally fit for outdoor cabinets

DiviSeries: The Digital TV Swissknife

  • DiviSeries products are must-have devices for testing and validating MPEG2-TS streams.
  • All products are shipped with their companion software for controlling their operation and providing real-time advanced analysis.
  • Applications also come with a command line package ideally suited for automated testing purposes.
  • Being available for both baseband and RF signals, they are the ideal companion for head-end monitoring or lab & field applications.
  • DiviPitch is a stream player featuring a signal output, as opposed to DiviCatch which is a stream receiver featuring a signal input and recording and analysis capabilities.
  • DiviDual is a two-in-one product combining DiviPitch and DiviCatch capabilities and featuring both signal input and output.

Full range features

  • Compact , easy to use and portable
  • All DiviSeries are USB self-powered, meaning they do not require any external power supply:
  • The pocket size devices can take their power from any USB2.0 port.
  • Their compact size and robustness make it the ideal companion for field applications when combined with a laptop.

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