Butler Group Communications Cellular & Microwave Radio Networks Aviat Provision Supervision System

Aviat Provision Supervision System

  • ProVision™ is a powerful, standards-based Element Management System (EMS) for access and microwave transport networks.
  • It provides superior network intelligence for mobile and private network operators to dramatically improve management efficiencies and drive down operational costs, but in an easy to use and intuitive package that can be run on a desktop computer or workstation in a network operations center (NOC).


  • Support for all Aviat Access, Transmission and Site Infrastructure products and solutions, both current and legacy
  • Generic Device Support (GDS) fault management for a wide range of third-party SNMP devices
  • Advanced transmission network features, including circuit visualisation and provisioning, license management, automated configuration backup and Ethernet performance monitoring
  • End-to-end management for StarMAX Base Stations, Subscriber Stations and ASN Gateway devices (Access Service Network)
  • Network visualisation and event notification, based on physical and logical network views
  • Northbound interface for easy integration with Aviat’s NetBoss Service Assurance platform or any third party Manager of Managers (MoM)

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