Butler Group Communications Cellular & Microwave Radio Networks Aviat Gigabit Wireless Ethernet Link - E-link 1000EXR

Aviat Gigabit Wireless Ethernet Link - E-link 1000EXR

  • Aviat Networks newest point-to-point wireless link, the E-Link 1000EXR, is a cost effective Fibre alternative for wireless networks.
  • The 1000EXR is a field-proven solution for secure and robust Gigabit Ethernet transport, with link budget performance unmatched in 70-80 GHz millimeterwave radio category.
  • Without the expense and installation challenges of Fibre optic systems, the 1000EXR radio can be deployed by government agencies, businesses, universities, hospitals and security providers to transmit data and digital video over several miles.
  • The radio has very low latency performance that is critical for multimedia applications, especially live video broadcasts and conferencing.

The 1000EXR application advantages include:

  • Fibre-like speed with the flexibility of wireless
  • Ideal for Fibre pre-installation, extension and backup
  • Generate revenue immediately
  • Redeployable after Fibre installation


  • Full duplex GigE all the time – up to 1.25 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet transport
  • Industry leading performance – highest link budget on the market allows for longer transmission distances and more robust link performance than competitive alternatives
  • Exceeds 2 miles for 99.999% availability

Cost-effective high data rate solution

  • CapEx is a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber
  • Rapid deployment avoids construction and regulatory delays
  • Eliminates leased line charges
  • Interference-free, highly secure data communications

Simple installation for rapid deployment

  • Single, all-outdoor architecture, quick to install and maintain using PC
  • Rapid Field replaceable unit with direct slip-fit antenna
  • Low latency (<5usec) for multimedia applications
  • Licensed, Part 101 and worldwide

Supports multiple network architectures including

  • Point-to-Point
  • Mesh or Ring
  • Repeater

  • Training Available

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