What is a ScopeCorder

What is a ScopeCorder?

ScopeCorder is a modular, multichannel measuring instrument that can be configured for a wide variety of applications. It combines the benefits of a high-speed oscilloscope and those of a traditional data acquisition recorder in a single portable instrument.

As an oscilloscope

Capture events using an extensive set of triggers

Easily measure waveform parameters

Perform channel calculations in real-time and trigger on the results

Isolated input channels (up to 1 kVrms input)

As a data acquisition recorder

Combine electrical, sensor based and CAN/LIN/SENT bus measurements.

Capture detail with 16 bit A/D converters

Improve measurement accuracy using sensor-specific signal conditioning

Measure from less than a microsecond up to 200 days

Who should use a ScopeCorder?

A ScopeCorder is a solution for any company working on (power) electronics & electro-mechanical applications with a multitude of different signals and sensors. It enables evaluation of your application in real-time in order to make quick adjustments and save development time.

Buzz Articles

Why ‘channel count’ and ‘isolation’ matter

There can be many requirements when considering a measurement application. Which should be considered first? The basics are channel count and isolation. A ScopeCorder provides full channel isolation and the flexibility of 2 to 128 channels.  Read more>>

Reduce your cost of test in Brushless DC motor applications

3-phase Brushless DC motors are being increasingly used and introduce new test requirements, which an oscilloscope cannot fully meet. A ScopeCorder addresses these needs and also helps to reduce test costs. Read more>>

Detect glitches with a ScopeCorder using Wave Window Triggering

When trying to detect a small anomaly in an acquired signal from an UPS battery backup system, standard trigger functions are not sufficient. This video explains how the Wave Window Trigger functionality of a ScopeCorder allows you to detect these small glitches and trigger on them. Watch video >>

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A hands-on introduction to your ScopeCorder

Explore your ScopeCorder using the exercises in this workbook. Besides being a practical introduction guide to a ScopeCorder, it can also be used as a reference document for more experienced users. Suggestions for additional or new content are appreciated; please contact peter.schutte@nl.yokogawa.com to submit your ideas. Download the workbook »