10 years of warranty on the uncooled microbolometer detector

2 full years warranty on the entire product

2 years warranty on the thermal imaging camera and 10 years on the uncooled microbolometer detector for all handheld products used for predictive maintenance and building inspections.

Thermal imaging cameras are finding their way to more and more enthusiastic users. They are widely used for predictive maintenance, electrical and building inspections, R&D, machine vision, security and surveillance, maritime, automotive and many more applications. Once purchased a thermal imaging camera is a vital piece of equipment. The safety of assets and people can depend on it and users rely on their equipment to be able to do their everyday job.

As the market leader for thermal imaging cameras FLIR Systems realises this completely. They are building not only the most advanced but also the most reliable thermal imaging cameras on the market. In order to make existing and potential thermal imaging camera users aware of this, FLIR Systems has improved its warranty policy.

New extended warranty policy

As from today, FLIR Systems is giving a full 2 years of warranty on every handheld thermal imaging camera that is marketed for predictive maintenance and building applications and is equipped with an uncooled microbolometer detector.

The uncooled microbolometer itself is covered by no less than 10 years of warranty. If a problem should occur within this timeframe FLIR Systems will replace the uncooled microbolometer detector free of charge or, depending on the case, even replace the entire thermal imaging camera.

“FLIR Systems have been producing thermal imaging cameras for more than 50 years.”, says Guy Pas, Vice-President Sales EMEA of FLIR Systems. “We are well reputed in all the markets in which we are active for building extremely reliable thermal imaging cameras.”

“By giving 10 years of warranty on the heart of the thermal imaging camera, the uncooled microbolometer detector, and 2 full years on the entire product, we want to show our customers that we are fully committed to deliver the best possible quality at the best price. This new warranty policy illustrates once more that FLIR Systems is the world leader for thermal imaging cameras.”

FLIR Systems is able to do this since it is producing most of its uncooled microbolometer detectors itself. FLIR Systems has been doing this for several years and not only has acquired the knowledge to do this in extremely high quantities but in extremely high quality as well. This makes FLIR Systems a unique manufacturer in all thermal imaging markets.

Standard FLIR Systems warranty is one year on the product starting from the date of purchase. In order to benefit from this exceptional warranty conditions, full 2 years on the camera and 10 years on the uncooled microbolometer detector, the owner of the FLIR thermal imaging camera needs to register his product at the FLIR Systems website. Registration needs to be done within 30 days after purchase. Just like the normal warranty this extended warranty, which is free of charge, starts from the date of product purchase.

This new policy is valid for all FLIR handheld thermal imaging cameras, equipped with an uncooled microbolometer detector, that are being marketed for predictive maintenance and building applications. These are the following models:

For predictive maintenance applications:

FLIR i3 / i5/ i7

FLIR E30 /E40/E50/E60

FLIR T250/T335/T365/T425

FLIR T620/T640

FLIR P620/P640/P660 For building applications:

FLIR i3 / i5/ i7

FLIR E30bx /E40bx/E50bx/E60bx

TLIR B250/B335/B365/B425

FLIR T620bx/T640bx

FLIR B620/B660

The new policy is only valid for thermal imaging cameras that are purchased as from February 1st, 2011.

For further information contact David Doyle at the Butler Group on +353 1 6292620 or email sales@butlertech.ie