Dublin based company, Kinesense Ltd, specialising in video and CCTV analysis software solutions enabling law enforcement investigators to retrieve, search and analyse video for defined events of interest, beat off stiff competition to win the Docklands Innovation Park Enterprise Awards 2010 and Euro 10,000 for having the best new investment proposal. This year’s awards took place on Thursday 26th February and were presented by Conor Lenihan TD, Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Co-founder of Kinesense, Dr Mark Sugrue had 15 minutes to present its business plan to the panel of judges comprising Regina Breheny, Director-General, Irish Venture Capital Association, Sonia Flynn, Director User Operations, Facebook, Ciaran Bollard, Founder & CEO Muzu.tv and Gerry Jones, Director, Executive Venture Partners.

Kinesense (www.kinesense-vca.com) has successfully developed its first product, Kinesense LE, designed for law enforcement agencies to eliminate the time and effort required to watch and sift through endless hours of CCTV and security footage during police investigations.

Announcing  and  congratulating  the overall winner and runners up Minister Lenihan  said  it  was  important  to  recognise  and document successes of entrepreneurs.  “Their export-focused products are encouraging examples of a strong pipeline of projects that are emerging from higher education institutes and incubation centres.  Centres such as Hothouse and the Dockland Innovation Parkplay an important role in helping to develop the smart economy”.

The other finalists at the awards were Conor McAuliffe from Ikon Semiconductor Ltd and Siobhan King-Hughes from SensorMind, who each received Euro1,500. Now in its eight year, the Docklands Innovation Park Enterprise Awards programme is the initiative of the Bolton Trust and DIT Hothouse and is aimed at showcasing the best innovative companies to investors and those with an interest in start-ups. Previous Enterprise Award winners of include: Locle (2009); Breakout Gaming Concepts (2008); Openplain (2007); Ripple Software Ltd (2006); Glantreo Ltd (2005); Sigmoid Technologies Ltd (2004) and Allergy Standards Ltd (2003).

About Kinesense Ltd
Kinesense is a video analytics company specialising in video retrieval, search and analysis software for the security and surveillance market. Kinesense solutions transform video surveillance and investigation from a manual, resource intensive and error prone process into an automated, efficient, reliable and accurate one. Visit kinesense-vca.com

About the Bolton Trust
The Bolton Trust was established in 1987 at the height of Ireland’s ‘brain drain’ to promote an enterprise culture and to offer young entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop their business ideas in Ireland. There are some 350 people currently employed by the 70 companies based at the 14,000 square metre Docklands Innovation Park on Dublin’s East Wall Road. The Trust is committed to helping the growth of indigenous Irish enterprises and fostering entrepreneurship.  Visit: boltontrust.com

About DIT Hothouse
Since 2001, DIT Hothouse through its Hothouse Venture Programme has supported over 250 entrepreneurs at the early stages of their business development including companies now successfully established such as Travelaffiliate.ie, IQ Content, Movidia, Cicero Networks and Allergy Standards Consulting. A recent survey of previous participant companies indicated that 145 companies had created in excess of 1,000 jobs and have attracted more than Euro50 million in external investment and funding since the programme began. Visit: hothouse.ie