Mobile services provider JDSU has launched its smart network application platform PacketPortal, which enables communications service providers to scale to growing bandwidth demand. PacketPortal uses microprobe technology embedded in existing routers, switches and other network elements, to gather intelligence and provide real-time access to network data.

PacketPortal is a network-monitoring solution unlike any other. The “probes” are actually small ASICs that reside inside the pluggable optics of the network equipment. Network equipment has adopted commercial pluggable optics, typically gigabit optical Ethernet based on the SFP (small form-factor pluggable) standard. This is particularly true of the network edge where the bulk of the issues occur. JDSU designed an ASIC that resides inside the SFP device. It monitors the traffic on the GbE port. It has flexible filtering, and can be set to monitor video, voice, and other traffic. Insert this ASIC into a piece of network equipment, and there is your probe. No external hardware; it is part of the equipment!

So, how does it communicate its measurements back to the network-monitoring server? Remember that the ASIC is monitoring GbE, and the nature of GbE is to have occasional gaps and spare bandwidth. The device cleverly slips the measurement data back into dead spots in the IP stream, to be extracted by the server.

For a video of how packetPortal Works please see:-

Butler Technologies are planning a road-show to demo the this technology to its customer base in the North and South of Ireland. Should you have an interest in seeing this technology, please contact :-

Aaron Joyce Tel: +353-1-6292620