Optical Gas Imaging at Jonah Energy: Saving Gas and Saving Money through Regular OGI Surveys for Gas leak detection

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The oil and gas industry is constantly faced with how to best find and repair natural gas leaks at potential escape points such as compressor stations, processing plants, hydraulically-fractured wells, and along transportation lines. The industry standard for leak detection and repair has long been an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol called Method 21, which relies on toxic vapor analyzers (TVAs) to detect gas leaks. But now the EPA is planning to recommend optical gas imaging as an alternative to TVAs, calling it a “Best System of Emission Reduction.” This paper discusses the experiences of an early adopter, Jonah Energy, in terms of plant safety and the return on their investment in OGI cameras, training, and use.

OGI provides Strong ROI in Natural Gas Production_Jonah Energy