Trade In and Win!

Trade In and Win!

Now is the time to win big with FLIR’s research and science cameras. Just trade in your old CEDIP or Indigo thermal camera and receive a 30% discount on a new FLIR research and science thermal camera

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FLIR Cooled and Uncooled Infrared Cameras for Research and Science

Accuracy, reliability and sensitivity are critical for research, product development, and science. So is efficiency. With the latest science cameras from FLIR, including the new FLIR A6250sc and FLIR A6750sc models, you’ll be able to obtain even more reliable results than before and make the most of your valuable time.

The 30% discount is applicable to the following FLIR camera models:

FLIR Uncooled Infrared Cameras:

How to qualify for and redeem your promotion offer:

  1. Buy your choice of one of the following new FLIR research cameras: FLIR A655sc, FLIR T450sc, FLIR T650sc, FLIR X8400sc, FLIR X6540sc, FLIR X6580sc, FLIR A67XXsc-Series, FLIR A6250sc, FLIR A83XXsc-Series, FLIR SC6000-Series, FLIR SC8000-Series, FLIR RS-Series from FLIR Systems, its affiliates, or an authorized distributor or representative between April 15, 2015 and December 31, 2015.
  2. Pack and ship your CEDIP camera (EMERALD, JADE, SILVER, TITANIUM, MERLIN or PHOENIX), this ORIGINAL completed redemption form, along with a legible copy of your original invoice (purchase order copies are not acceptable), to: 

    FLIR R&D/Science  Trade-In Promotion 
    FLIR Systems Trading Belgium BVBA 
    Luxemburgstraat 2 
    2321 Meer 

For more information on this promotion, please contact your nearest FLIR representative or authorized dealer.

*ITAR products.

This offer is valid from April 15, 2015 until December 31, 2015. Valid in EMEA only.