The FLIR M-Series received final American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) type approval on December 6, 2011.

This means that ABS engineers and surveyors evaluated the design, qualification testing, and manufacturing/quality systems used to produce the M-Series. As a result of having the product’s design and manufacturing assessed and approved by ABS, the M-Series is pre-approved for use on a variety of ABS class ships.

Type approval will make it much easier for ABS class ships to receive permission to install the M-Series. Also, due to international reciprocity agreements, other “notified bodies” will recognise this type approval. This should at the very least streamline M-Series approval for use on ships classified by other notified bodies (such as Lloyds and DNV).

FLIR’s Type Approval documents may be viewed and downloaded at by searching for FLIR under company name.


FLIR’s new, premium maritime thermal night vision system.

FLIR thermal imagers let you see clearly in total darkness, using the latest technologies available. In fact, they’re the best commercial maritime thermal night vision systems you can find on the market.

M-Series cameras feature:

  • Clearest, most detailed thermal imagery– M-Series cameras deliver up to four-times the resolution of other systems, giving you an affordable thermal night vision system.
  • More than twice the detection range of earlier systems– The new M-Series systems use FLIR’s latest generation of thermal imagers.
  • Featuring the highest sensitivity, and more than double the range performance of current systems, M-Series cameras let you see more – and see farther – even in the dead of night. M-Series systems are available with either standard resolution or high resolution thermal imagers.
  • Lowlight TV Camera– Provides enhanced navigational abilities during twilight hours, when operating along intracoastal waterways, and near harbor entrances. Anywhere you can see a little, the lowlight camera will help you see more.
  • Color on-screen symbology– Part of FLIR’s exclusive Accu-Point control and display technology, M-Series cameras have detailed, 3D colour on-screen symbology that gives you instant access to system status, position, and configuration.
  • Includes: dual payload camera with 329 x 240 pixel thermal microbolometer, joystick control unit (JCU), weather proof ethernet coupler, mounting hardware, and user’s guide.

For further information on FLIR thermal Imaging Cameras – contact David Doyle at the Butler Group on +353 1 6292620.