The Butler Group is offering a €2,000 discount on Bird’s SignalHawk VNA & Spectrum Analyser, model SH-3625. The product has been reduced from €10,196 to a heavily discounted new price of €8,153.  This offer is only available until 30th September 2011.

The Bird SH-36 Series, SignalHawk™ line of Spectrum Analysers and VNA’s is the most user-friendly and accurate hand-held test solution available for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all segments of RF communication systems.

Field engineers, technicians, wireless equipment manufacturers, service providers, contractors, tower erectors and military field personnel alike have come to trust the efficiency and precision results of SignalHawk.

Vector Network Analyser (VNA) & Spectrum Analyser: The 2-Port VNA sweeps antennas (VSWR/return loss dB vs. frequency) and provides cable distance-to-fault.

In addition, the 2-Port VNA test insertion loss and amplifier gain. Also, the Spectrum Analyser measures and analyses intended and interfering signals.

Power Meter Option: The SignalHawk is compatible with Models 5010B, 5010T, 5011, 5011-EF, 5012A, 5015 and 5017 external power sensors. These sensors provide ± 5% (± 0.2 dB) accuracy.

For further information please contact Peter Meehan at the Butler Group on + 353 1 6292620 or email