The Butler Group would like to invite you to FLIR Systems’ Technical Tour coming to Dublin on Monday 26th September at Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley.  Technology leader, FLIR Systems’ Tech Tour will focus on thermal energy and will be invaluable to existing and new users of the technology.   The Butler Group would like to invite you to attend this Technical Tour to learn more about infrared and the time and cost saving potential of this technology.

The half-day seminar programme will start at 2pm by looking at basic technology principles and then broaden out to cover practical aspects. A key component of every event in the FLIR Tech Tour will be presentations by two expert thermographers — one involved in building science and the other in industrial predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.  Find out about new applications and technology within Building, Electrical and HVAC from theses independent industry specialist presenters.

The sessions will also focus on tips and tricks to improve the application of thermal imaging. The opportunity to put this information into practice on the full range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras will close each educational session.

Would-be delegates interested in attending the Dublin seminar at the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley should contact David Doyle at the Butler Group on tel: +353 1 6292620 or email: