The Butler Group is currently working with the ESB and their Sustainable Team on their award winning Thermal Imaging Camera Loan Scheme. Through this scheme, ESB staff can borrow specialised thermal imaging cameras and learn how efficiently their homes use heat.  The Butler Group well established experts in Thermal Imaging, provided the ESB with state of the art Flir i-series cameras, as a result the Scheme has generated phenomenal interest amongst staff with over 320 registered within in its first two weeks of operation.

The ESB’s own Sustainable Team came up with the concept of the Thermal Camera Loan Scheme to promote energy efficiency amongst colleagues, having seen the Flir thermal imaging cameras in use for work applications.   The ESB Sustainable Team believed one of the best ways for them to engage their employees in workplace sustainability initiatives was to show employees how they can make cost savings at home.  The Flir brand was chosen because their thermal imaging cameras provide long-term savings for users by enabling them to locate and analyse patterns of hot and cold spots to determine where heat may be escaping. Apart from this, the cameras are able to identify areas where investment in energy efficiency products may reap benefits and where long-term monetary savings may be made through reduced heating and energy bills.

The Butler Group are encouraging other businesses who have purchased FLIR thermal imaging cameras to adopt similar schemes to provide their staff with cameras they can borrow at weekends to check out their homes energy efficiency.

For further information on the Scheme or Flir Thermal Imaging cameras please contact David Doyle at the Butler Group on +353 1 6292620.